The Whole Story

The Clear Advantages of Vaporizing

Simple put, vaporizing is easier and more discreet than smoking cannabis. It is also safer and cleaner. Better yet, it is also cost effective. We think you'll agree that a GREEN LITE is a far better value than a comparable amount of highest-quality cannabis flowers. It lasts as long or longer for the same price. It tastes better and has no dry mouth. You don't inhale smoke, and there is slight marijuana smell.
By comparison, an eighth ounce of flowers with 15% total THC would have 525mg THC, but much of is lost in the high heat of combustion.
GREEN LITE are the ideal solution for patients who want the strong, fast acting response of inhalation, but in a discrete, portable, healthier and reusable delivery device. GREEN LITE are the most advanced technology for vaporizing Pure Honey , the active ingredient in all GREEN LITE MED-VAPE products. GREEN LITE are, smokeless and discreet. You can medicate anywhere, anytime without lighting up and creating a cloud of marijuana smoke. And you avoid harmful combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, pyrolytes and particulates.
Vaporizing works by heating GREEN LITE to the boiling point of THC. The THC is released as vapor, similar to steam from a teakettle but containing THC instead of water. That's why you can get the instant benefits of inhaling cannabis without inhaling burning plant matter.

Vaporizer cartridges are not created equal

When judging vaporizer cartridges, it's what you don't see that counts. Are the contents crystal clear like a Green Lite, or cloudy? Can you see any suspended particulates when you tilt it back and forth? Is the filling light in color like a Green Lite or dark and murky? Pure cannabinoids are clear and light in color. Anything else is junk in the mixture. Green Lite Med-Vape eliminates that junk. Green Lite Med-Vape is so pure that it leaves no ash—one reason why our heating elements last longer.

Dependability and Repeatability

A Green lite Pen does not deliver a set amount per puff. You control how much by how long and how hard you inhale. Start with a couple of light puffs. The THC is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via capillaries in the lungs. So the effect is noticeable almost instantly. After you judge the effect from the first couple puffs, you'll know if you need more to control your symptoms. Thereafter, the dosage is repeatable by taking the same number of puffs of the same duration. Green Lite always contain exactly the same amount of THC no

Active-Ingredient Purity

GREEN LITE MED-VAPE contain Pure Honey, which is not an ordinary hash oil. Rather, Pure Honey consists only of purified cannabinoids that 
are further refined from
 ordinary extract or hash oil. It is pale yellow and crystal clear.
GREEN LITE MED-VAPE contains no solvents, molds, bacteria, plant matter, or any other contaminant. In fact, you can see there are no contaminants because you can see right through it. Compare a GREEN LITE to any other cartridge and you'll agree it is clearer., lighter and has no junk floating in it.
GoldCarts contain natural ingredients. To formulate the ingredients, we mix approximately 75% Pure Honey with 25% highly refined fruit extracts for four flavors and better wick-ability. GREEN LITE MED- VAPE contain no polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol.

Other Ingredients

We make the formula for GREEN LITE by mixing PureHoney cannabinoids with a fruit extract for better wick-ability and to maintain a constant amount of THC in each batch.
You will never find propylene glycol used as a dilutant in any GREEN LITE MED -VAPE product. Propylene glycol is the ingredient used in automobile anti-freeze. Although most claim it is safe, GREEN LITE doesn't believe it belongs in your body.

Packaging and Form Factor

GREEN LITE come in two sizes: a longer 1.0g cartridge with 500mg THC or a shorter 0.5g one with 250mg THC.
GREEN LITE have a standard 510 thread that fits most e-cig and vaporizer batteries. Occasionally, the electrical contact in the bottom of the cartridge gets pressed in too hard and does not make electrical contact. To fix this easily, insert a blunted toothpick into the little eyelet and wiggle the eyelet out a tiny bit.

Battery 280

This small, slim battery accepts 1.0g and 0.5g GREEN LITE vaporizer cartridges. It fits nicely in a shirt pocket. The battery is switchless—it turns on automatically when you inhale. A ring of tiny LED lights near the tip lets you know it has turned on when you inhale. The black rubber tip is actually a touch-screen stylus tip, which is perfect for selecting small objects.
The 280mAh capacity lasts 5 days, or more, depending on usage. The battery turns off automatically when it is time for charging. The included USB charger shuts off when the battery is fully charged.