Green Lite Med-Vape

Dispensary Use Only

We at Green Lite Med Vape are unlike any other company on the market. With over 7 years of dedication and innovation our patented process not only ensures that our products are the purist, but that our electronic devices are made with the highest of quality for the best vaping experience with medicinal grade marijuana oils. We are exceptional because we are passionate about our customers and our products.
We have designed and engineered our own disposable vape pen (which is not a cotton based filter as most are),

with a heating element and cartridge which contains a thick pure cannabis oil. With no-leak technology we can create a perfect combustion level of 180 - 200° degrees Fahrenheit. With our intensive quality control process we continuously test our devices with medicinal grade oils to ensure that our products are of the utmost quality.
Our fully staffed team is always innovating to deliver our dispensary owners and their patients the best quality on the market.